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I’m Ready for Spring!

I’ve been living in Montana with my daughter and her family a little over two and a half years and am loving it.   I happened to be with my son and his family in Washington for five weeks during the most brutal weather here in Montana!  Had mostly rain in Washington so I missed the bulk of the snow that fell in Bozeman during February – just under 30 inches in one month alone! Seems I missed one of the coldest and snowiest winters on record!

But. . . I am so ready for Spring!  Photos abound on Facebook from family and friends back east who are posting their trees and flowers, full of buds and now blooms!  I miss the hundreds and hundreds of daffodils and tulips I had in Pennsylvania for so many years.  My parents first planted them, and many other kinds of flowers, when they first moved to their home in 1966.  My husband and I then bought the property and moved into the house around 1989.

Not inheriting the proverbial green thumb of my parents, the daffodils, tulips, a few iris, lilacs, dogwood, and the peonies are the only flowers that survived under our care.  Oh, how I miss them!

I’m so thankful for my photography where I can capture beautiful flowers and so many other things that become permanent in my heart and mind. I will always have my tulips and daffodils – and so many other things – through the gift of photography. I just posted 11 new photos in my Artistic Gallery under the Shop tab.  Please check them out.  They will appear first in the Artistic Gallery.

We are entering the months for graduation, Mother’s Day and weddings!  I hope you will consider an artistic gift for those on your list.  Check out the Note Cards as well.  I would love if you would let others know of my website, as well as share your thoughts with me.


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