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Have you ever wanted a certain photo that was just impossible to capture? I don’t know of any camera or special lens that will give me the photo I have been wanting to share with everyone since July of 2016.

That is when we were blessed to be able to move into a home with some of the most beautiful views I’ve had the privilege to witness!  Yet, I was the only one in the family who could see this particular photo. At the time the rest of the family moved into this home, I was visiting family and friends for several weeks and they were getting settled in when I returned.

My first evening in our home was absolutely breathtaking! After I went to my room, the sun set and it became dark outside. I took off my glasses to get ready for bed. When I looked out my window, I saw it – the perfect photo I wanted to capture! In fact, I picked up my camera to take the photo but quickly realized I could not do that.

Let me explain. We live in a university town and immediately in front of me I saw the bright lights of the campus. To the north are the lights of down town. The valley is surrounded by beautiful mountains all around us.

OK…I’m getting to the photo. Since I can’t “show” it to you, let me try to show you with words. The moment I removed my glasses, I was looking out upon the most beautiful Christmas Wonderland I’ve ever seen! Every light that shown was a Christmas tree full of twinkling lights! The Christmas trees directly in front of me were various shades of white. Traffic lights were green, red and yellow Christmas trees. The lights of automobiles formed a parade of marching Christmas trees. What a beautiful sight! To the north, the town’s lights made smaller trees because of the distance; but there were thousands of them!

At nighttime, there is a sea of black between us and the Christmas trees caused by the rolling hills directly behind our house. In the daytime, we see deer and occasionally foxes roaming the hills. The deer come right up to the house and watch us as we stand there taking photos of them. In the time we have been here, I’ve shot quite a few deer – with my camera, that is! Beautiful bucks on down to the little fawns. Often I go out on my deck when I see the deer and if they are not looking my way, I gently begin talking to them, or whistling to get their attention and they “pose” for me!

Then there are the birds – hawks, Northern Flickers, Magpies (most call them a nuisance, but I like them), and all the smaller birds like chickadees, finches and even hummingbirds that come to the feeders on my deck.

We never tire of the beautiful moment-by-moment-changing sunsets! We don’t see the sunrises from where we are but do see the effects of the sunrise on the snow-capped mountains all around. Breath-taking!

However, it is difficult to find anything to compare to my own personal Christmas Wonderland every night once the sun sets and darkness comes. Seeing this view was the first time I have ever thanked the Lord for my less-than-perfect eyesight!

I would love to share this photo with you; but the only way I know of doing that is by way of a painting. Well, maybe one day I will try and paint my Christmas Wonderland. If I do, it will go into my new Artistic Gallery! I invite you to check out this gallery with the artistic, or “artsy” photos. These are all photos I took and then added filters, textures and overlays to turn them into works of art. I hope you like them and will want one for your home or office!

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