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The Total Eclipse of August 21, 2017

Much of the conversation this week has been centered on the Total Eclipse of the Sun on Monday, August 21st.  We had the privilege of driving several hours to Rexburg, Idaho so we would be in the path of totality, which was the first time for me to experience a total eclipse.   It was about 10:20 AM and we were in the parking lot of a credit union (along with 12 or so other vehicles) and the partial eclipse began.  We could not see the moon at all until it slowly took a chunk out of the top right of the sun.  The sun was bright orange through the special eclipse glasses and the moon was black.  The moon continued to eclipse the sun and by 11:04, it was nearly half covered.

We couldn’t have had a more beautiful day!  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky.  People around us were enjoying themselves as we all waited for 11:33 and the two to three minute spectacle for which we had been willing to drive hours to see!  I was sitting in the car and the windows were rolled down; however, as the time approached the temperature began to drop and I actually was cold!  All around us the sky was beginning to darken and there was a glowing sunset appearing.

Then, total darkness and quietness; but as the bright ring appeared around the sun, you could hear the oooh’s and aww’s.  And then the diamond appeared on the ring! What an incredible experience!  I couldn’t hold back the tears as I thought about our incredible, sovereign God and His magnificent creation!  Only He could do what we just witnessed!  I’ve seen various articles about the prophetic meaning and the astrological and spiritual significance the eclipse may have.  To me, it was a gift from my Creator to be able to witness this eclipse as I thought of how “The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament showeth His handiwork” as found in Psalm 19:1!

Earlier, my teenage grandson said, “This is taking a long time,” to which my 8-year-old granddaughter quipped back, “To see the eclipse you need patience!”  Patience won out because the wait was worth it to hear my grandson excitedly say, “Wow! I’ve never seen anything like this!”

No, I did not take photos of the Eclipse!  For one reason, I didn’t have the special filter needed to protect my camera.  Second, I wanted to enjoy the actual experience and not be concentrating on getting it right in the camera!  I’ve often taken photos of fireworks, and completely miss the actual fireworks because I’m concentrating on my camera!  There are plenty of photos out there, but I can say, “I saw the Eclipse happen in person!”  I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything!

Oh, but I do have lots of photos on my website!  I hope you will check them out.  In the meantime, if there is something you see that you would like to have, please e-mail or call me and I will take care of getting it for you.

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