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Seasons of Life Continued

“For every thing there is a season, and a time to every matter under heaven.”

Ecclesiastes 3:1

The next season of my life began around the end of May 1964 where I worked when I met the man who would be my husband.  I was secretary to the department manager and Ed and his buddy came from Baltimore to York for an interview.  Unknown to me, Ed told his buddy on the way back to Baltimore that if he was offered the job, he was going to take it because he was going to marry the secretary (me)!

Ed was hired and began working in our department.  Several weeks later he invited me out for dinner that evening.  I must add here that Ed was my first date (except for one blind date).  Long story short – we went together about six weeks; were engaged August 15, 1964, and married on January 1, 1965.  This season of my life spanned 50 years!  I couldn’t have asked for a more kind, gentler husband, nor a better father for our children.  He was the love of my life and I am grateful to the Lord for the privilege of being married to Ed.  He was so gifted and was able to fix almost anything.  I don’t recall ever hiring a plumber or electrician.

By the end of our first year of marriage our first son was born.  He was Ed’s pride and joy (as well as mine).  Timmy was a healthy and pleasant little boy.  When he was 13 months of age, he became ill with a virus and on December 10, 1966, the Lord saw fit to take him to Heaven.  This was a very traumatic time for us but God’s grace was sufficient!  In His marvelous grace, He blessed us with a daughter in 1967, and then another son in 1970.

I served as church secretary from 1982 to 2004.  I resigned the last position in 2004 to begin working as a missionary with Pioneers as an advocate for a ministry in North Africa.  Ed was my biggest supporter in this ministry.  Because of his encouragement and support, I was able to travel to numerous countries.  Traveling provided me with some special photo opportunities!

At 38 years of age, Ed had a major heart attack in 1970 and two open heart surgeries – 34 years apart (1975 and 2009).  In 2012 he was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis.  The Lord gave him almost two more years until He took him to Heaven on December 8, 2014, at 83 years of age.  So, December was a difficult month with Ed leaving on the 8th and remembering Timmy’s 48th year with the Lord on the 10th.

This past December it was two years that Ed has been with the Lord and I began a new season in my life.  In August of 2016, I moved from Pennsylvania to beautiful Montana where I am living with my daughter and her family.  I am also much closer to my son and his family in Washington.

As I began preparations for moving, I discovered a massive amount of photos stored away in boxes and bins over the years.  Yes, it was difficult; but I managed to downsize as far as the number of photos I kept.

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