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I have just added ten new photos to the Artistic Gallery and am excited to showcase these new works from photos I took during my recent five-week trip.

When I chose the name Artistic Photography by Nancy, I believe the Lord led in that choice because I have found great joy in creating these new works of art from photos I have taken.  Some people laugh when they see me get down on ground level to take a photo; but I am always looking with the end result in mind.  By taking photos of anything and everything, I feel I can capture a moment that most people normally miss in their daily routines.  I love taking those photos and by adding filters, textures and overlays, transforming them into works of art.  Check out the Artistic Gallery to see the latest additions.

Christmas is almost here!  I hope you will allow me to help with your Christmas shopping!  The Artistic and Inspirational Galleries are two great places to begin.  By using the CHRISTMAS10 coupon when you place your order, you will receive a 10% discount on all prints if you order by December 31.